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Top 2024 Nonprofit and Marketing Conferences

Here are the nonprofit conferences in 2024 that will help your charity innovate your fundraising, marketing, communications and more strategies. This includes events like Classy Collaborative, Nonprofit Marketing Summit and Nonprofit Innovation Summit.

These insightful virtual, hybrid and in-person gatherings will help you build community in the non-profit space. And you'll leave with practical and inspirational conference take-aways to help you learn to grow your cause.


Top 10 Annual Impact Report Templates for Your Nonprofit in 2024

Dig Deep's interactive annual impact report 2024

Want to see some of the most immersive, engaging and well-designed examples of a nonprofit impact report examples from orgs like DIG DEEP, Girls Who Code, Innocence Project and more?

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Build a career in doing good. Nonprofit jobs.

You want to build a good career for yourself. But more importantly, you're here because you want to help others. I love that! In this article, we'll break down how to start, build and grow a career in the nonprofit space. These are the best remote nonprofit jobs.

From jobs with nonprofits, charities and just all around good companies, you're looking for a career that will change the world. This article will help you navigate that.



How to Optimize Your Nonprofit Website for Donations

Right now, more than ever, you need to make sure your nonprofit website is ready for your new digital fundraising campaigns.

There are some key ways to create a website that draws people in, builds trust, tells a compelling story and converts people to donors. We'll look at your messaging, imagery, buttons, tracking and more to determine what's most important for your nonprofit website. And we'll compare some of the best examples of charities online.


Website tracking, so you don't miss new donors.

As you move your charity or business online right now, for the first time, you can create a digital journey to guide them from unaware to lifelong advocates. But only if you have the right free tools set up on your website.

Otherwise, you could be missing new potential donors, who visit your website and don't return.


Social Media

The best nonprofit ads to inspire you and your donors

Facebook has this incredible, free tool that allows you to see ads that other nonprofits are effectively running to their donors. It's call the Facebook ad library, and it can be a great source of inspiration as you're creating ads for your own charity. And I've put together some of the most compelling ads I've found, to give you some new ideas.


Facebook Business Manager - Organize Your Ads, Pages, Pixels and more

When you manage a Facebook page, ads and need to share permissions with new people, it can seem overwhelming. To solve this, Facebook provides a tool for account administrators to manage everything in one place. It's called a Facebook Business Manager account.

Your Facebook Business Manager account or can be used to manager your Facebook and Instagram pages, ads, tracking pixels and any products you sell.


How to Get Approved for Facebook Donations

Facebook has developed helpful tools for nonprofits to go way beyond just growing a follower base. They make things like viral campaigns and peer-to-peer fundraising easy as they're built natively into their platform.


Get Approved to Run Facebook Ads About Social Issues

In order to run ads for your nonprofit, you may find that your work falls under Facebook's social issues ad category. This, along with election and politics ads require steps to confirm your identity, verify your organization and make your ads available through the Facebook ad library.



The Best Deals on Nonprofit Software for Your Team

As a digital marketer for nonprofits, I’m always looking for the best business software for organizations, but on a realistic budget. The reality is, in many cases it can be down-right impossible to find a tool with the same effectiveness, while making a lower economic impact.

But, I’m often surprised at just by searching or asking how many companies are willing to help out nonprofits or even offer their software entirely for free. So I compiled some awesome nonprofit discounts I've found over the years.