How to Optimize Your Nonprofit Website for Donations

Right now, more than ever, you need to make sure your nonprofit website is ready for your new digital fundraising campaigns.

There are some key ways to create a website that draws people in, builds trust, tells a compelling story and converts people to donors. We'll look at your messaging, imagery, buttons, tracking and more to determine what's most important for your nonprofit website. And we'll compare some of the best examples of charities online.

What you'll read in this article

  • The best nonprofit websites
  • Coronavirus messaging (COVID-19 donor language)
  • The top of your website is important
  • Your messaging needs to inspire donors
  • The problem, plan and journey
  • Calls to action
  • Tracking tools for your website

The best nonprofit website examples

There are some incredible charities out there who are doing it right. They serve as a great example as we build out our own nonprofit websites. We'll learn from international relief organizations, to local causes and even nonprofits that feel like their work is from the future.

Charity: Water

What's good about
Shows clear impact
Clarifies the problem
Builds trust
Forecasts a longterm goal
Ways to Improve
Add lead-capture step to homepage
Text is too small to read in some text blocks
Add main CTA to the bottom of the page
Too many footer links distract from the main CTA

Let's Make Your Fundraising Way Easier 🎉

Claim your plan to make fundraising easy. And do good, better.

Let's Make Your Fundraising Way Easier 🎉

Claim your plan to make fundraising easy.

Malala Fund

What's good about
Forecasts a longterm goal
Elegant, interactive design
Donation form above the fold
Lead-capture on the homepage
Ways to Improve
Needs to more clearly define the problem
Main action steps are unclear
More focused on we than "you", donor language

National Aquarium

What's good about
Engaging video background
Important information is available at top
Options of actions available above the fold
Ways to Improve
Too many action options
Doesn't tell a cohesive story
Clarify a first step for new potential supporters

International Justice Mission

What's good about
Reveals problem, solution and plan
Invites donors with clear actions
Adapted compelling COVID-19 messaging
Ways to Improve
Add transitional call to action
Email opt-in campaign and followup
Create dynamic retargeting ad campaign