Top 10 Annual Impact Report Templates for Your Nonprofit in 2024

Immersive and interactive impact reports

1. DIG DEEP's Interactive Annual Report

Dig Deep's interactive annual impact report 2024

Probably one of the most well-designed and interactive examples of a nonprofit impact report is the format DIG DEEP uses for their annual report each year. They build it on a platform called Vercel and clearly spend time and intention making this a unique and immersive experience for donors.

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2. Girls Who Code's Creative Impact Report

Girls Who Code impact report 2024

Just like everything Girls Who Code does, they get really creative their nonprofit's annual letter to donors. It's bright, colorful, onbrand with their code-empowering cause and just plain fun to read through.

3. Rainforest Alliance's Social Impact Report Examples

Rainforest Alliance 2024 social impact report

The Rainforest Alliance makes an impact in many socially-responsible ways. That's why they implement engaging elements like an interactive map where you can see their cause focus in different countries and more immersive sections to scroll through.

4. Innocence Project's Impact Numbers

Innocence Project impact numbers 2022

The Innocence Project has a complicated story to tell through some really important numbers that equate to individual stories of the people they're serving. Their work is vital, urgent and thing like exoneration rates have a real impact, just as every individual story does. And their impact report reflects this in style, tone and the content they highlight throughout.

5. SVCF's Social Impact Report

SVCF Silicon Valley Community Foundation Impact Report and Donor Stories 2024

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) share's a great example of a social impact report that highlights stories from donors, shows who they're helping the change they're making.

6. Preemptive Love's Storytelling Impact Report

Preemptive Love's 2024 Impact Report

Preemptive Love takes a similar approach to the above examples in their 2022 impact report, with both top-bottom and side-scrolling features. But their elements are much simpler, making it much more approachable for you to replicate for your organization. They use a platform called vev to accomplish this report's design, and it works well for them.

Simple, beautiful annual reports you can totally create

7. Malala Fund's Elegantly-Designed Impact

Preemptive Love's 2024 Impact Report

Malala Fund always prioritises their engaging and empowering brand that simply stands out among so many other causes. And that's carried through here in their impact report. It may be a PDF, but it's so intentionally-designed that you'll want to flip through it. It's a great example of how even if you can't code an interactive page, you can lean into your design skills to create something very readable and noteworthy.

8. Charity Water's Captivating Annual Report

Charity Water CW Impact Annual Report 2024

Charity: Water presents another great example of how you don't need all the bells and whistles for people to engage with your report, when you intentionally design. The highlight crisp photography, that leave space for stats, stories and clear messaging. And they feature stories of impact and longterm change.

9. Starlight Highlights Kids and Maps in Their Impact Report

Charity Water CW Impact Annual Report 2024

Starlight starts, as they always do, featuring stories of the kids their donors are supporting. The feature beautiful photos of happy kids and tell their stories throughout. They also show off their stats and things like where they work in some really creative and easy-to-consume ways.

10. IJM's Simple Impact Report That You Can Replicate

Charity Water CW Impact Annual Report 2024

IJM has created similar impact reports for years that have worked really well for them. They spotlight stories, show impact over time, and even fun things like partnering with musicians and brands. One simple thing they do to stand out is turning a simple PDF into a virtual magazine.

They use a tool called issuu, but feel free to make yours however you want. Whether yearly, canva (who offers a free nonprofit plan), inDesign your own interactive webpage. The point is, make it unique and make it your own.