The Best Deals on Nonprofit Software for Your Team

As a digital marketer for nonprofits, I’m always looking for the best business software for organizations, but on a realistic budget. The reality is, in many cases it can be down-right impossible to find a tool with the same effectiveness, while making a lower economic impact.

But, I’m often surprised at just by searching or asking how many companies are willing to help out nonprofits or even offer their software entirely for free. So I compiled some awesome nonprofit discounts I've found over the years.

I'll continue to update this list for you, as I find more.

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Let's Make Your Fundraising Way Easier 🎉

Claim your plan to make fundraising easy. And do good, better.

Let's Make Your Fundraising Way Easier 🎉

Claim your plan to make fundraising easy.

Absolutely Free Nonprofit Software

Free Charity Fundraising Tools

Facebook Fundraising Tools

To collect donations from your supporters, you may be using any number of the great software options out there.

From Classy - The #1 online and mobile fundraising platform, Kindful - Powerful nonprofit software to manage your data and donors, - Tools to increase giving and grow your church or Funraise - An all-in-one nonprofit CRM, all of which are great options and worth comparing.

But without overlooking any of these, the best free way to fundraise for your organization is through Facebook donate.

The trade-off here is that you don't collect nearly as much data on each user for follow-up, and yes, you do need a Facebook page. But Facebook doesn't charge anything for setup, maintenance or anything. You're not even charged a percentage of what you raise. Facebook's donation platform is completely FREE!

Want to start receiving donations through Facebook? Here's are simple steps to set up your Facebook donations account.

NEW ✨ Give Lively - Forever Free Fundraising Tools offers completely free fundraising tools for nonprofits just starting out or those just looking for new tools that are completely free. This includes text-to-donate, peer-to-peer fundraising tools, event solutions and more.

Organizations like Malala Fund, Girls Scouts and 1% for the planet trust them, as well.

Give Lively free fundraising platform peer to peer

NEW ✨GoFundMe's New Non Profit Fundraising Platform

You know GoFundMe from supporting your friends personal fundraising campaigns for families in need, surgeries and other immediate needs. Well, gofundme has decided to start supporting charities as well, with their new platform.

The tool includes fundraising pages, powerful campaign insights and even event registration.

Organizations already using them include American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

gofundme new free charity fundraising tool

Team Collaboration: Collaborating for Your Cause

When it comes to keeping your team in sync, there are actually a ton of free options available. In fact they offer such great functionality, that you won't even notice you're on the free plan.

Communication: Keep your skilled team in touch


When it comes to beating your chaotic email inbox, Slack is for sure the first tool that comes to mind. It functions as an instant messaging platform similar to iMessage on your Mac, but also contains links and integrations that make sharing files, tasks, or quick questions really simple. And their free plan will give you enough functionality, probably forever if you're cool with a few limitations.

slack for nonprofits

But, if you want an upgrade, they do have an upgrade offer for nonprofits, as well.

Project Management: Organize your Org


When you're getting your team on one page, you need one centralized tool to see everyone's progress and work together. Asana is the perfect tool for that. And it integrates with everything! Tools like Slack, Spark, Zapier, etc. You can use it for personal use or a whole small team. Their free plans are available for teams up to 15.

asana for nonprofit teams

Design: Simple Design Tools for Your Team

Canva for Nonprofits

If you’re looking for a way to create and collaborate with your team on a budget, Photoshop is not always the most economical approach. Though, Adobe does offer school and student discounts and some site do offer Photoshop nonprofit discounts.

But, for a completely free way to design with your team... there's Canva!

canva and photoshop nonprofit discounts

Digital Marketing: Map Out Your Online Fundraising

NEW ✨ Funnelytics

Possibly the best marketing software I've e ever purchased is

It gives you a visual view of all of your digital marketing strategies in one place. You can track sources, conversions and see what of your efforts are actually paying off.

I first started using it with their free campaign mapping tool, something that your nonprofit can start using right now, to gain clarity by mapping out your campaigns.

You can start it, here.

Funnelytics charity digital marketing software for non profits

Social Media: Help Your Donors Share Your Posts

If you promote yourself or your org on Instagram, you get the stress of getting no likes on some of your posts and not having any clue why. So, my brother and I set out to fix this problem and found a really creative solution. Savvant is our tool that analyzes your Instagram posts and breaks down the creative to see why people are liking your posts. Is your caption too long? Are your hashtags off? Maybe square photos are better than wide. With Savvant, you can learn all of this. We're proud to say that Savvant was even featured on Mashable, twice! And the first-tiered plan is totally free. nonprofit discounts

Excellent Nonprofit Discounts on Software

Social Media: Cause Marketing Ideas


Scheduling social media posts can become such a hassle, and finding engaging content to fill your queue can be even worse. But tools like Buffer make it easy to source and schedule content across your channels. And they're especially friendly to nonprofits with their generous 50% discount. I've been a big fan of buffer for years. And their team integrations on their business plans make collaboration and approval super easy.

buffer social scheduling for NGOs

One other tool, that needs to be mentioned here is the Instagram analytics tool, Now, they don't publicly have a nonprofit plan per se, but... the team there is super accommodating. I reached out to them on Twitter and asked if they offered nonprofit discounts or would let me trial it for longer, and I was able to get full access to it for over a year, just by asking. It's definitely worth a look-into. is great for nonprofits

SEO: Getting your nonprofit found on Google


When promoting your nonprofit, church or cause, one of the best ways to get found without spending a penny is to show up in search results. When people are looking for ethically-sourced goods, and your fairtrade nonprofit pops up, you're bringing qualified people to your site at no cost. Well, there is a big cost when it comes to finding the right content marketing tool. Software like MOZPro, SEMrush or Ahrefs can be cost-prohibitively expensive. Now, they each do offer free versions of their plan, as well as free trials, and Ahref even offers up to 30% for nonprofits, if you talk with a salesperson.

However, MOZPro offers, without any haggling, a 75% off discount for all nonprofits! Which is one of the best nonprofit discounts I've found.

moz pro offers a 75% nonprofit discount

What have YOU found?

What tools do you use that offer free plans or nonprofit discounts? I'll continue to update this as I find more and get other suggestions. Thanks!